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Monday, October 23rd
terroir | tribeca
presents a kick arse
Cider Tasting
Andy Brennan*
Aaron Burr Cider

The list of America's original wine (aka cider) to be tasted:
Aaron Burr Cider, Sullivan County 2016
Aaron Burr Cider, East Branch 2014
Aaron Burr Cider, East Branch 2015
Aaron Burr Cider, East Branch 2016
Aaron Burr Cider, Choke Pear 2015

Cost: $50.00 all inclusive**

To reserve, please email Paul at

*Andy Brennan, cider maker and proprietor of Aaron Burr Cider, has a vision of the future in which cider is America's beverage. This vision is inspired by our country's past relationship with the apple. Cider was once the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in the U.S., and New York has a rich history as a part of this. Andy's relocation to upstate NY brought this history into even clearer focus for him as he began to notice the abundance of traditional cider-making apple varieties that exist in the wild of the Empire State. In 2008 he started to see what could be done with these apples and now a decade later his operation has grown to one of the most highly regarded cider operations in the country. Much like in his early days of cider making, Andy continues to wildly forage most of his fruit from abandoned orchards around the state. The facility in which the juice is made (also Andy's house) is based in Wurtsboro, NY and in 2015 he made a handful of varietal ciders and almost a dozen locational ciders. Individual bottlings will come from specific sites, and Andy doesn't add anything to his cider that is unnecessary or would disturb the sense of place in the glass.

**Snacks will be served along with the cider...and those snacks will be cider appropriate