Monday, May 15th, 2017
terroir | tribeca

…the region / the people / the foodstuffs / the wines…ahhhhh, THE WINES!!!
The format will be a walk-around tasting*, with winery owners from 6 properties:
Bott-Geyl / Albert Boxler / Kientzler / Kreydenweiss / Meyer-Fonné / Schoffit
Each winegrower will be pouring a magnum of one of their Grand Cru bottlings.
In addition, there will be 13 other magnums from 13 other Alsatian producers on offer**.

Why must you attend?

(aka, why is Alsace so damn compelling that every wine drinker
should be paying attention to this truly insane region in the northeast of France)?

Cost $48.00 per guest (all inclusive)
The tasting will be accompanied by some Alsatian nibbles.

To reserve, please email Paul at

*How a walk-around tasting works: 
you arrive at Terroir / you receive a glass /
you smile knowing that you are about to have a great time / you proceed to a table with a smiling Alsatian wine producer who will pour you a taste of their wine / you taste the wine /
you now beam a radiant smile /
you move to another table / repeat / repeat…

**Some of the wines you will be enjoying: 
Bott Geyl, G.C. Mandelberg, 2011
Meyer-Fonné, G.C. Wineck-Schlossberg, 2013
Kientzler, G.C. Geisberg, 2013

Albert Boxler, G.C. Sommerberg “E”, 2012
Schoffit, G.C. Rangen de Thann “Schiste”, 2013

Kreydenweiss, G.C. Kastelberg, 2013
Barmes-Buecher, G.C. Hengst, 2012
Josmeyer, G.C. Hengst, 2013

Zusslin, G.C. Pfingstberg, 2012
Trimbach, Cuvée Frédéric Emile, 2008
Zind-Humbrecht, G.C. Brand, 2014

Ostertag, G.C. Muenchberg, 2010
Schlumberger, G.C. Kessler, 2014
Weinbach, Altenbourg, 2001

Albert Mann, Les Saintes Claires, 2013
René Muré, Clos Saint Landelin, 2011