Thursday, July 14th, 2016
4:00pm - Close
terroir | tribeca
La Fête Nationale, 

the glorious day in which the citizens of Paris stormed the Bastille, 
in 1789, and, thereby, began the French Revolution.*

Please join us as we:
-prepare our favorite cocktails: the French 75 and the French Blonde
-sing “La Marseillaise” every hour, on the quarter hour
-enjoy Frog Legs and Escargot…damn, Frog Legs AND Escargot…it is the 1960s / 70s all over again!
-relive our college cinema / smoking days with a Jean-Luc Godard movie marathon
-guzzle Cidre Bouché, grown and produced on Omaha Beach, Normandy
-host a round table conversation on the use of accents in the French language
-pour vin rouge from the Southern Rhône Valley with abandon
(truth be told, this is in honor of the day’s Tour de France stage up Mont Ventoux)
-imbibe absinthe from our Toulouse-Lautrec ice luge
-compete in our Serge Gainsbourg karaoke competition

*Our favorite moments of the French Revolution:
-the demands of the Third Estate (the citizenry) for more Riesling to be served
with the daily ration of coq au vin (until this time, it was always just Bordeaux & Burgundy)
-the Tennis Court Oath in which 576 of the 577 delegates to the future National Assembly
decided that the region of Alsace would only have Grand Cru vineyards
(“let the Burgundians have their 1er cru vineyards, we only have Grand Cru sites!” the locals proclaimed)
-on July 15th, 1789, Louis XVI turned to an advisor and asked: “Is this a revolt?” 
The answer was somewhere along the lines of: “no, your majesty, everyone is just haphazardly queuing up for the new IPhone, which is equipped with a pocket guillotine.”
-the publication of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen on August 26th, 1789. 
It decreed that Riesling consumption is a universal right, valid at all times
and places and an integral part of human nature.