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Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrive...tonight!
terroir | tribeca

Please join us as we quaff multiple glasses
of the very first impression of the 2017* wine harvest. 
Beaujolais Nouveau, L'Ancien, Terres Dorees, 2017
Beaujolais Villages Nouveau, Laurence et Remi Dufaitre, 2017
Glass: $12.00 Erlenmeyer Flask (1000ml): $44.00

Plus, to enjoy the grape juice, 
you must have a little bit of a French country foodstuff...
Moulard Duck Rillette $8.00
Salade Lyonnaise, Frisée, Bacon, Farm Egg, Vinaigrette $10.00

*the 2017 growing season in Beaujolais was tough...
-the Spring brought the wrath of Mother Nature in the form of frost
as if Viserion, resurrected, was attacking the solid ice wall surrounding my home on the Jersey shore
-the Summer brought shatter
(grape bunch fails to develop after flowering...aka NO BLOODY GRAPES!) in June and hail in July
ahhh, Viserion has now blasted a whole in my solid ice wall
and the Night King's army is now invading my home on the Jersey shore
-but late Summer / early Autumn brought hot and dry days, resulting in ripe, juice grapes
yes, yes, Jon and Daenerys finally are getting it on, on their boat, by my house, on the Jersey shore

Vive La France!