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Tuesday, May 15th, 2018
terroir | tribeca
Bianca Bosker,
journalist, tech maven, expert on Chinese flashcards, AND, most importantly, author of Cork Dork, 
a super woman’s journey into the world of wine and the Agnostic Cult of Sommeliers.

And what exactly is going to happen on Tuesday night with Bianca:
-a walk around tasting (of roughly 40 wines), 
focusing on various wines / regions / styles discussed in Cork Dork
-blind tasting stations…and there will be prizes
-a Q. & A. with Bianca
-a hot wine yoga session with Swami Vivekananda
-a wine theory exam…overseen by Harry Waugh
-a smelling station…identify all the aromas and you will receive a bronze nose
-a virtual tour of a mass-market wine factory…uhmmm, just kidding
-a giant Wheel of Wine Fortune…
correctly spell every Hungarian grape and win a brand new Rába truck
-a champagne jeroboam hammer throw…
how cool is this going to be, if I figure out how to actually do it

time frame: 5:00pm – 7:30pm
cost: $68.00 all inclusive

(of course, everyone will receive a copy of Bianca’s book
as it is the vinous equivalent of Eat, Pray, Love).

to reserve, please email Paul at
We very much look forward to seeing you
to celebrate Bianca and her incredible wine book, Cork Dork