We bid a very sad farewell to David Robert Jones...
aka Ziggy Stardust...aka Aladdin Sane...aka The Thin White Duke...
aka David Bowie.
born on January 8th, 1947, in London, England.
son of Margaret & Haywood Jones.

Despite his future oeuvre, expressing all manner of strange, musical places, 
his foundation rested with traditional rock'n roll and, specifically, the artist, Little Richard.
But it is those journeys into the light filled, dark, brooding, strange, musical places that made
David Robert Jones David Bowie. 
His pursuit of, and comfort with, isolation and fear and anxiety, in a sonic context, 
allowed the listener to stretch their personal boundaries. 
While he dabbled in the mainstream (Let's Dance in 1983), 
Bowie relished the fringes and reveled in all the finery a life in this realm could provide.

In addition to his 27 studio albums + live albums +++, our favorite David Bowie moments are:
Lou Reed's Transformer* (released in 1972)
-Bowie produced the album, along with his Spiders from Mars' guitarist Mick Ronson
-initially influenced by the Velvet Underground himself, 
Bowie catapulted Uncle Lou from cult status to international superstar
*Rolling Stone initially panned the album for its "artsyfartsy kind of homo stuff"...
it now permanently resides in the Top 50 Rock'n Roll albums of all time

Iggy Pop's Lust for Life (released in 1977)
-Bowie produced the album, which remains Iggy's greatest commercial success
-the duo, holed up in the Hansa Studio in Berlin, wrote / recorded / mixed the record in 8 days
-while Iggy wrote the lyrics for the title track, it was Bowie who composed the music...
and those drums / those drums...they rattle your cajones like an Ann Margret hip shake in triple time

David Bowie's I'm Afraid of Americans (released in 1997)
-written by Bowie and his good friend Brian Eno, it is the production of Nine Inch Nails
that ripped this song from the celluloid vehicle "Showgirls" and gave it an aggressiveness and tension, musically, that all of Bowie's lyrics had possessed in the is a unique masterstroke in his song canon
David Bowie never worked at Terroir (imagine what that interview would have been like!).
Terroir, however, envisions a David Bowie-esque wine program as its reason for being... 
always changing, always challenging, always true to itself.

David Bowie, we raise a massive glass of Riesling to you.