The New Wines of Chile
terroir | tribeca
Wednesday, September 28th, 2016
8:00pm – 10:00pm

(and, chances are the party will go later, much later…these are Chileans after all!)

$60.00 (all inclusive)
Please email Paul at to reserve a ticket.

Who exactly is going to rock my world from Chile?
A cadre of wine producers and Chilean wine nuts who have travelled 5000 miles to spread the gospel of the new Chile.
Why exactly does my world need to be rocked by Chile?
Because all stereotypes need to be crushed and the decades-old view of Chilean wine is holding you back
from discovering endless possibilities of vinous journeys.

How exactly is my world going to be rocked by Chile?
You are going to taste riveting examples of the new Chilean wine world*, 
accompanied by tasty morsels, and finishing the night at the Pisco Sour Bar
(made with Chilean Pisco as opposed to that usurper spirit made across the border in Peru)

Where exactly is my world going to be rocked by Chile?
Well, hopefully through every pore in your body but specifically at Terroir | Tribeca
(where we have created a poet’s corner, occupied by the ghost of Pablo Neruda,
who will weave his verbal magic for you)

We look forward to sharing our love of the new Chile with you.

*the format is a walk-around tasting, with winery principals
and excessively knowledgeable Chilean wine folk, pouring / extolling the vinous virtues of their juice.
The wineries are: Mayu (Elqui Valley) / Merino (Limari Valley) / Aquitania (Maipo Valley) / Amayna (Leyda Valley)
Boya (Leyda Valley) / Casa Silva (Colchagua Valley) / J. Bouchon (Maule Valley) / Clos des Fous (Chile).

In addition, three tables will be dedicated to recurring dreams of ours:
“The Crazy History of Carmenere” / “Pais Salvaje: It’s What I Drink for Breakfast!” / 
“The Insanely Divergent Terroirs of the Longest & Skinniest Country on the Planet”

Special thanks to our friends at Vine Connections
for sharing their producers with us AND for doing all the heavy lifting.