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terroir | tribeca
welcomes you to the
World Economic Forum
aka, DAVOS.

Along with Prime Ministers / Presidents / Monarchs / 
Grand Poobahs / C.E.O.s / C.O.O.s / Technocrats / Alleycats, the General AND Manager of Terroir
will be in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, over the next few days,
to help improve the general state of the wine world.

Please livestream the following plenary sessions:
6:00pm, January 23rd: In Riesling We Trust
So many grapes feed our deepest fears and Riesling embodies our greatest hopes. 
Can the public trust us more if we only drink Riesling?

10:00am, January 24th: Fostering Inclusivity through Cabernet
In a world where identity varietals is on the rise, the need to foster a more constructive dialogue by recognizing all the Cabernets...Sauvignon / Franc / Blanc / Gros...will help bridge our divides.

5:00pm, January 24th: Fake Wine News vs. Real Wine Politics?
Hacking, leaking, and disputing the wine facts...it has never been easier to mistake
a Pinot Noir for a Syrah. How can we protect citizens against this gross malfeasance?

11:00am, January 25th: Next Generation Wine Storytellers
Fresh approaches in wine storytelling...
scratch 'n sniff / varietal dunking tanks / vinaccia pedicures...
are transforming the way we see the wine world.

4:00pm, January 25th: Standing Up for Wine Enlightenment
Can the values expressed during the 1855 Classification in Bordeaux
re-inspire a world driven by dark, Zinfandelic headlines?

We look forward to seeing you every night of DAVOS at our corner table at EX-Bar.
You will recognize us by our bucket of Fino Sherry and flagons of mead.