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Friday, April 13th
(and through the weekend)
the birthday of our favorite,
wine-obsessed Founding Father,
Thomas Jefferson

Born April 13th, 1743, to Peter Jefferson and Jane Randolph,
at the family home of Shadwell, in the County of Virginia, British America.
And while we revel in all his Renaissance Man-ness,
we especially love his ueber fixation on food and drink.
To pay homage, the menu will include some Jeffersonian favorites:


(yes, yes, T.J. apparently introduced the French Fry to America...
and enjoyed a lot of them at the Chick-fil-A in Charlottesville)

roasted asparagus
red wine vinaigrette, capers, hard boiled egg

(introduced to the vegetable while living in France, T.J. was so enamored of its succulence that he dedicated
a plot in his Monticello garden to its cultivation, and eagerly awaited its arrival, annually, in early April)

maccaroni & cheese
fontina, english peas, prosciutto

(of all T.J.'s obsessions, none could compete with his love of one of his first State Dinners as President in 1802, he served his guests Macaroni Pie, thereby starting a trend that every college student maintains in his / her dorm room)

ice cream sundae
homemade vanilla ice cream,
fresh fruit, madeira sauce

(T.J. did NOT introduce ice cream to the new republic but he certainly ate a lot of it / 
popularized it in a manner that Kim K. would be proud of / transcribed the first recipe for it on American shores / 
operated a Mister Softee truck on weekends on the highways & byways of Virginia)

Wine-wise, we will honor
Jefferson's posting to Paris from 1784 - 1789, 
where his primary function was to prove to the European powersthat the United States
was not a debtor nation
(thank you, France and Holland, for extending terms and monies to the new country).
Equal to this task, though,
was a mission to taste and visit
the great wine areas of the Continent...
and damn, he did this with missionary zeal.

to celebrate, the wine glass list will include:

Bereche Brut, Reserve, NV, Champagne, France

(certainly not the type of Champagne T.J. would have enjoyed...this style did not exist back
in those glorious, revolutionary days...but he would have relished this wine's vinosity and purity and crazy yumminess)

Schloss Johannisberg Riesling Trocken, Gelblack, 2015, Rheingau, Germany

(T.J. and his mates fought against the Hessian mercenaries during the Revolutionary War but he also befriended
many of them - especially a Major Geismar - and very much loved their wines. On April 11th, 1788, 
the great man himself visited the vineyards of Schloss about history in a bottle!)

Chateau Grand-Puy-Lacoste, 5th Growth, 2008, Pauillac, France

(well, lordy, a match made in heaven...
like George Harrison and his guitar / Johan Cruyff and a soccer ball / 
Khloe Kardashian and NBA stars...
T.J. and his Bordeaux vins remained inseparable throughout his life)

Barbeito / Rare Wine Co. Medium-Dry Madeira, 
Thomas Jefferson Special Reserve, NV, Madeira, Portugal

(well, what to say about T.J. and Madeira, the awesome, fortified wine from a volcanic outcropping
in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean...
without this wine, there would be no Declaration of Independence)

Thomas Jefferson,
we raise a mighty toast to you
on your birthday.