Thursday, April 21st, 2016
The Wines of Jura
come to
terroir | tribeca

Grab Bag Tasting
4:00pm – 7:30pm
The Jura festivities begin with a grab bag tasting
of different Jura wines (sparkling / white / red / ethereal), 
poured by a guest sommelier
who happens to be a wine producer from the Jura…crazy, I know.
$15.00 for 4 wines, 3oz. of each
The Rex Tasting*
to include a giant cornucopia of Jura wines + Terroir foodstuffs**
+ savory creations from the Jura (can you say raclette bar in Jurassic!?)
8:00pm - 10:00pm
$62.00 (all inclusive)
Terroir | Tribeca will be closed for normal service (beginning at 8:00pm)
 in order to get down and dirty with this tasting
Please email Paul at pgrieco@wineisterroir.com to reserve a ticket

*Twenty producers from the Jura Region of France (located in the pre-Alps, a stone's throw from Heaven) will be in NYC for the festivities, pouring various offerings from their individual estates, ranging from evanescent bubbles, to floral, ethereal Savagnins AND fully oxidized specimens, to Trousseau, Poulsard & Pinot Noir, and finishing up with a cascade of Vin Jaune & Vin de Paille. This will be a walk-around tasting with the producers occupying various tables and food stations throughout. Simply put, we cannot imagine a better way to immerse yourself in all things wine and all things Jura.

Five reasons to dig all things Jura:
-fermentation (the magical act that transforms grapes into wine) was invented here by Louis Pasteur in 1866...simply put, without this discovery, we would all just be drinking Welsh's. 
-in 86 million B.C.E., a tyrannosaurus named Rex was the leading vigneron in the area. 
-one of the primary white grapes in the appellation is Savagnin, a Cristiano Ronaldo-like varietal that struts about the wine stage with kick arse abs.
-they have crafted their own size bottle (620cl), called a Clavelin...apparently its capacity relates to the amount of wine Napoleon would consume before going into every battle -this region literally invented terroir!

*some of the twenty producers in attendance will be:
Berthet-Bondet / Pierre Richard / André & Mireille Tissot / Rijckaert / Benoit Badoz / 
d’Arlay / Grand / Dugois / Wicky / de la Touraize / Désiré Petit + many more

**some of our savory creations:
Terroir Burger Sliders / Bacon & Potato & Snap Pea Salad / Oysters / a Donald Trump-esque Raclette Bar