Thursday, February 9th, 2017
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Bartholomew Broadbent*
Managing Director of Broadbent Selections
as our tour guide
to the vinous and scenic glories
of the island of Madeira

February is Madeira Month.
Madeira is America’s Wine**.

Wines to be tasted:
Rainwater, Broadbent, NV, Madeira
Sercial 10 Years Old, Broadbent, NV, Madeira
Verdelho 10 Years Old, Broadbent, NV, Madeira
Boal 10 Years Old, Broadbent, NV, Madeira
Malmsey 10 Years Old, Broadbent, NV, Madeira
Colheita, 1996, Broadbent, NV, Madeira

Cost $38.00 per guest (all inclusive)

To reserve, please email Paul at

*Bartholomew is a child of the English wine trade
(his father is the highly esteemed, Michael Broadbent MW), 
baptized with claret and then anointed with hock. After years in the British boarding school world (he was given neither a Show Up nor a Rip), he graduated to the hallowed halls of the Wine Department at Harrod’s and then Harvey’s Wine Merchants. After too many shandies in an East End bar one night, he decided to move to Canada, where he established the Premium Port Wine Company, an importer of Port and Madeira. 
And it is with Madeira (and a subsequent move to the United States)
that we know Bartholomew best…
he has been a leading light for this most American of wines for the past 30 years.

**Why is Madeira America’s wine?
-on July 4th, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed by John Hancock +++ and
the union of the 13 colonies and their representatives toasted their success with Madeira.
(apparently, the 56 signatories consumed 57 bottles of wine)
-George Washington celebrated his inauguration as 1st President of these United States with Madeira


PS: On Thursday, February 9th, 2017
5:00pm – 6:30pm AND 8:00pm – 11:00pm
Bartholomew will be a guest sommelier on the floor of our humble joint, 
wearing his flowing Madeira robes, carrying his Madeira sword of state, 
brandishing a tankard full of Madeira. He will regale with stories of the volcanic isle,
from his days as a youth skipping through the vineyards
to his adult years admiring native son Ronaldo mesmerize footie fans everywhere.
And he will, of course, be pouring Madeira.

The Daphne Broadbent Madeira Flight
Sercial 10 Years Old, Broadbent, NV / Verdelho 10 Years Old, Broadbent, NV / Boal 10 Years Old, Broadbent, NV / Malmsey 10 Years Old, Broadbent, NV /
2oz. of each wine $20.00
We look forward to seeing you to celebrate America’s Wine