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Wednesday, February 21st, 2018
terroir | tribeca
THE Madeira Tasting with THE Man.

Who is THE Man?

THE Man is Mannie Berk*, of the Rare Wine Company, who took his passion for Madeira
and singlehandedly crafted the American Madeira Renaissance.

What is Madeira?

It is only America’s Wine**…just ask George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and Betsy Ross and every individual who thought and fought long and hard to create this glorious country.


Sercial, Charleston Special Reserve, Rare Wine Co. / Barbeito, NV
Verdelho, Savannah Special Reserve, Rare Wine Co. / Barbeito, NV
Bual, Boston Special Reserve, Rare Wine Co. / Barbeito, NV
Malmsey, New York Special Reserve, Rare Wine Co. / Barbeito, NV
New Orleans Tricentennial Reserve, Rare Wine Co. / Barbeito, NV (world wide release of this wine)
George Washington Special Reserve, Rare Wine Co /Barbeito, NV (his birthday is on Thursday!)
Vintage Madeira, Vintage ???? (served blind)
Cost $78.00 per guest (all inclusive)
To reserve, please email Paul at

*Special Note about Mannie:

-he started the Rare Wine Company in 1989 BUT he fell in love with Madeira
in the early 1980s when a friend introduced it to him
-then, in 1987, Mannie attended a wine auction in London by Hedges & Butler, 
who were disposing of old, great stocks of Madeira, and with some financial help, 
he bought 400 cases, much of which was from the 19th century
(the creation of the R.W.C. was actually an effort to not only sell some of these wines
but to educate Americans about their wine heritage and its most important wine: MADEIRA!)

**Special Facts about Madeira: 

-Thomas Jefferson was accompanied / inspired by a constantly filled pint of MADEIRA
 as he crafted the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia in June, 1776…
”We hold these truths to be self-evident: MADEIRA is yummy!”
-on July 4th, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed by John Hancock +++ and the union of the 13 colonies and their representatives toasted their success with MADEIRA.
(apparently, the 56 signatories consumed 57 bottles of MADEIRA wine)
-George Washington celebrated his inauguration
as 1st President of these United States with Madeira
-at the signing of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 in Paris, 
the three participating countries (France / Spain / United States), 
were toasted with wines from their respective countries: 
the French with Champagne / the Spanish with Malaga / the United States with MADEIRA.
  We very much look forward to seeing you.