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terroir | tribeca
the greatest basketball tournament
in the land: March Madness.

Please join us as we watch the big games on the big screen, 
all the while enjoying cool foodstuffs / wines from the five corners of the planet / 
beers crafted by men of the cloth who worship many gods ++.
Specifically, for the 2018 tournament, we have crafted a few special cocktails
to honor the game and Dr. James Naismith:*

the Devonte' Graham

-a sweet touch, with a little flair and a slight sting to remind you of his prowess
(Old Overholt Rye / Strega / Lemon Juice / Simple Syrup)

the U.M.B.C.

-the new official drink of Maryland (formerly the Black-Eyed Susan)
(Evan Williams Bourbon / St. Germaine / Lemon Juice / Lime Juice / Peche de Vigne)

the Grayson Allen

-soft and delicate and kind appearance at the beginning...then, lordy, quite the kick in the arse
(Death's Door Gin / Pamplemousse / Lemon Juice) 

And now, something completely different:

*the Dr. James Naismith's New Original Rules of Basketball
1. the ball may be thrown in only one direction: at a bottle of chardonnay
2. a player can run with the ball, as long as they are balancing a tray of drinks in one hand
3. if either side makes three consecutive fouls, the other team receives a 5-minute Riesling break
4. no shouldering, holding, pushing, tripping, decanting of champagne
5. a goal shall be made when the ball is thrown into the basket and stays there; the scorer of the basket receives a congratulatory handshake and a shot of fino sherry
6. the time shall be two 15-minute halves, unless a magnum bottle is ordered, at which point, 30 minutes are added to the game and a platter of pork belly sliders magically appears
7. always be drinking wine