terroir | tribeca
goes to
2018 Winter Olympics
PyeongChang, South Korea.

The pop-up wine bar will be located
next to the Holiday Inn Resort Alpensia and about 50 miles from the DMZ.
The doors will open daily at 9:00am,
with the Canadian Curling Team on hand every morning
to prepare Butter Tarts, accompanied by Apple Ice Wine.
  What you can expect to find during our two week sojourn in the newest
and coolest winter sports capital, as we take the vinous show on the road:
-a Madeira Ice Luge
-Zamboni rides with Chazz Michael Michaels
-a Riesling biathlon…a 15km cross country ski trek, during which there are six stops
to blind taste and properly identify the German Pradikat levels
-an ice dancing competition between the Left Bank and the Right Bank of Bordeaux
-Moranbong, the North Korean girl band, will perform nightly, covering Spice Girls’ songs
-a 16-lap, mass start, speed skating race around the Bernini-designed Chardonnay fountain
-a special flight of orange wines, curated by Shaun White
-a candlelit vigil in hopes of some N.H.L. players making a guest appearance
-a 10,000 litre fondue pot
-a snow ball fight between the Traditionalists and the Modernists in Barolo
-snow angels, as crafted by Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding, with a NIN live loop of “Hurt”
-the Olympic Ring Toss, onto jeroboams of Champagne
The terroir flame will be illuminated tonight at 9:00pm
(the torch, composed of Xynomavro vines, was originally lit in Naousa, Greece, 
and then traveled by dragon through the Seven Wine Kingdoms).

We look forward to seeing you in PyeongChang.