pope visit

Terroir | Tribeca
welcomes Pope Francis to New York City.
(born on December 17th, 1936, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the oldest of five children whose parents emigrated from the Piedmont region of Italy)

What happens if his Fiat 500L (with license plate SCV 1...
the 1st vehicle of Status Civitatis Vaticanae)
breaks down while in N.Y.C.?
He would ride the greatest subway system in the world, of course!

As a man of the people, he acts like most ordinary people. In his days as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, he relinquished all the extravagances of the position and wore the robes of a simple priest / walked the streets of his glorious city / used the subway when time was of the essence.

What sports team would he watch if the miracle known as the 2015 Mets were not playing that night?
The San Lorenzo Football Club, based in the Flores neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

The team was founded in 1908 by Father Lorenzo Massa who was worried about the safety of the kids playing footie on the dangerous streets of the city. He offered them the safe haven of his church's backyard if they agreed to go to Sunday mass. While eventually becoming one of the big clubs of Argentina, the team had never won the South American Club Championship, the Copa Libertadoes, until 2014... one year after Cardinal Bergoglio had become Pope Francis.

Where would he go for a meal if he found the food at the Papal Nuncio's residence a little wanting?
He would head straight down the east side to Hearth Restaurant
and relish every bite of Marco Canora's gnocchi and bagna cauda.

The Pope is a simple man and loves simplicity in his foodstuffs. And in Marco's gnocchi and the classic Piedmontese savory dipping pot, he would not only find simplicity at its best, he would find heaven on earth.

What would Pope Francis imbibe if his favorite Argentinian Malbec were no longer available?
Riesling, of course!

No one knows who first uttered the phrase: 'I know God exists because Riesling is so damn yummy." But we do know that Pope Benedict XVI left his successor a well-stocked cellar of German Rieslings (and not a Papal Operations Manual) and Pope Francis quickly acquired a liking for these vinous wonders. In addition, Biblical scholars have acknowledged that Jesus' first miracle was the turning of water into wine at the Wedding at Cana. What is less known is that while all the guests enjoyed the newly created grape juice, the folks at Jesus' table were quaffing jeroboams of Riesling that the apostles, Matthew and Mark, had snuck into the festivities?

We welcome Pope Francis, the world's coolest shepherd, to New York City.