Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017
terroir | tribeca
Michael Scaffidi*
as our tour guide to the vinous and scenic glories of the island of

February is Madeira Month. Madeira is America’s Wine**.
Wines to be tasted:
Rainwater, Baltimore, Barbeito / Rare Wine Co.NV, Madeira
Sercial, D’Oliveiras, 1989, Madeira
Verdelho, Blandy’s, 1979, Madeira
Boal, Barbeito, 1992, Madeira
Malmsey, D’Oliveiras, 1989, Madeira
Terrantez, 20 Years Old, Henriques & Henriques, NV, Madeira

Cost $64.00 per guest (all inclusive)
The tasting will be accompanied by some nibbles

To reserve, please email Paul at

*Michael is to Madeira as Lady Gaga is to the Super Bowl half-time show...
a perfect union of vim, verve, vigor and an innate ability to rise to the occasion.
A child of the southern California coast,
Michael’s original calling was to Hollywood to be the next great screenwriter. But he had to pay the bills so a job in the hospitality world beckoned…and what a hospitality world he was employed by: 
Bacara Resort (Santa Barbara), The French Laundry (Napa Valley), the Greenbrier Resort (Virginia),
 the Jefferson Hotel (Washington, D.C.), Union Square Café (N.Y.) and Jean-Georges (N.Y.). 
Presently, Michael is the Director of Education at Savio Soares Imports.
It was at the Jefferson Hotel, though, where he found his groove, crafting the country’s deepest
 and most dynamic Madeira program. Simply put, you could sit in his dining room and Michael
would wheel over his Madeira cart (he had a goddamn Madeira cart!) and you could enjoy four centuries of Madeira by the glass. I am already tearing up just thinking about it.
And then he dropped the mic.

We welcome Michael with the same admiration the citizens of Portugal gave Vasca da Gama in 1499.

**Why is Madeira America’s wine?
-on July 4th, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed by John Hancock +++ and
the union of the 13 colonies and their representatives toasted their success with Madeira.
-George Washington celebrated his inauguration as 1st President of these United States with Madeira