scheurebe bday

Happy Birthday Scheurebe
Terroir | Tribeca
Wednesday, June 1st, 2016
beginning at 4:00pm


Please join us as we celebrate the 100th birthday of the Scheurebe grape.
Yes, a grape actually has a birthday!
Celebrations to include:
-a re-creation of the virgin birth…
the parents are Riesling and Bukettraube…and two grapes have never been prouder
of their offspring, save, of course, for Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Franc
-a blessing of a Lego model of the Landesanstalt für Rebenzüchtung Alzey, 
the state institute in the Rhineland-Palatinate where the two grapes had their supposed tryst.
-the Scheurebe Walk of Atonement**, 
originating at the Great Sept of Silvaner and accompanied by the High Sparrow Wagner 

We look forward to celebrating with you.

In addition to the above, the festivities will include:
-an über tasting of Scheurebe:
Pfeffingen Trocken, 2014, Pfalz
Müller-Catoir Trocken, 2014, Pfalz
Geil Kabinett, Bechtheimer, 2015, Rheinhessen
Kruger-Rumpf Spätlese, 2013, Nahe
Darting Beerenauslese, Durkheimer Fronhof, 2013, Pfalz
-a very unofficial singing of Happy Birthday, 
accompanied by a damn tasty birthday cake

**the grape has committed no sin, per se, but it tastes so damn yummy and sexy
that it leads to many sinful activities


The story of Scheurebe’s life:

-crafted by Dr. George Scheu, in 1916, at the Landesanstalt für Rebenzüchtung Alzey, 
the State Institute for Grapevine Breeding, in the Rheinhessen Region
-originally, the belief was that Scheurebe was a crossing of Riesling X Silvaner
-the goal was to create a greater Silvaner: more aroma with greater acidity / greater resistance to frost damage and chlorosis / earlier ripening / ability to thrive in limestone soils / more consistent harvesting of über late harvest grapes
-but, in 1998, via DNA analysis, the Silvaner parentage was kicked to the curb
-the new belief is that Riesling was crossed with Bukettraube (itself a crossing of Silvaner X Trollinger)
-back in the nursery, Dr. Scheu selected the 88th seedling of the experiment for propagation
-therefore (Austria, for example), Scheurebe is sometimes called Sämling 88…seedling 88
-it is important to note now that the name Scheurebe (Scheu for Dr. Scheu; rebe for vine) 
was NOT utilized until 1956 and, officially, only adopted into the index of varieties in 1968
-initially, as was customary in the early 20th century in Germany, the grape was entered
into the official German registry under the name of the State Agricultural Director of the Reichsnährstand,
 Dr. Wagner…and the grape was, therefore, called Dr. Wagnerrebe). 
-Dr. Wagner was a dedicated member of the Nazi party and so, in 1945, 
the grape became the first and only variety to require de-Nazification. 

And the search was now on for a new name
…hello Dr. Scheu!

-the first great Scheurebes were grown at the Weingut Annaberg, in the Pfalz Region, 
in the 1940s…apparently, the 1945 Trockenbeerenauslese was the proverbial jam
(Note: Koehler-Ruprecht still makes a Scheurebe from this vineyard; the winery Annaberg is now a hotel / restaurant)
-in the 1950s, Scheurebe wanderlust was continued by Hans Wirsching in the Franken
(in the Kronsberg Vineyard –marl, clay, loam with a load of limestone) 
and Karl Fuhrmann at the Pfeffingen estate in the Pfalz
(in the Ungsteiner Herrenberg Vineyard – sandstone with limestone in subsoil)
-the late 1990s begat a movement in Germany to fashion Scheurebe in the style of Sauvignon Blanc…
but Scheurebe will always be unmistakably Scheurebe!

And what does it taste like?
Imagine a Katy Perry song (Firework), combined with Usher’s dance moves (video for Yeah!), 
sprinkled with a mist of The Lonely Island’s humor, and then infused with the braggadocio of Ronaldo.