madeira month

Summer of Riesling 2018
is now in full effect*
terroir | tribeca  

In preparation, did you:
-watch “V for Vendetta” and imagine a world in which people only drink Riesling
-join a gym to do the Ronaldo work-out
-tell the kids they can play Fortnite without interruption…you need to focus on Riesling, after all
-listen to the entire discography of Depeche Mode…
there are hidden messages in “Master & Servant” about the origin story of Riesling
-begin to meditate
-finally start writing your epic, graphic novella
-plan a road trip along Route 6 in Pennsylvania, the coolest roadway in America
(hint: do visit the Pine Creek Gorge…it is crazy beautiful)
-watch Jacques Pepin cook an omelette…the man is a god
-remember that Winter is still coming…but it will only arrive in 2019
-get on your bike and ride up a mountain like Chris Froome on Stage 19 of the Giro d’Italia
-call Mom and Dad and tell them you love them
We look forward to celebrating with you.
There will be schnitzel.
There will be lederhosen and dirndls.
There will be the Summer of Riesling Boat Cruise & Concert
Wednesday, July 18th, 7:00pm – 10:00pm, 
on the Jewel, departing from the 23rd Street Marina, 
with host, Katharina Staab (the Wine Queen of Germany) 
musical guests, Lez Zeppelin (the greatest rock ‘n roll band EVER!!!!) 
and a boat full of Riesling