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terroir | tribeca
says 안녕
to the
2018 Winter Olympics
PyeongChang, South Korea.


Needless to say, we had a blast and we especially want to say a heartfelt 감사합
to the staff of the Holiday Inn Resort Alpensia who insured that our mini fridge
was stocked daily with appropriate amounts of
Snickers / red licorice / Nacho Cheese Doritos / The Booth Kukmin IPA.
(and we apologize for the broken table and the hole in the wall…
we were just perfecting our Jocelyn Lamoureux-Davidson dangle).
The terroir pop-up itself welcomed over 100,000 guests, 
all of whom wondered exactly what we were doing there (including my father).
Some of the highlights of our Korean vinous sojourn:
-a snow ball fight with Evgenia Medvedeva and Alina Zagitova
-Riesling shots with the entire USA Women’s Hockey Team
(and Jocelyn, we will keep our promise: you will never, ever pay for another glass of Riesling at a terroir as long as you continue to put the biscuit in the basket, in the barn)
-a book club meeting with the North Korean cheerleading squad
(we took turns reading from Frederick Douglass’s “My Bondage and My Freedom”)
-a late night exfoliating and body scrub with Pita Taufatofua
-a keg chug with the entire Gerard clan
-convincing the Russian athletes (aka, Olympic Athletes from Russia) 
to scrap their “I don’t do doping” shirts for “I do do Madeira pints” ponchos
-early morning coffee excursions with Adam Rippon
-karaoke with Ivett Toth…
she did “Highway to Hell” and I did “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”
-playing Silvaner pong with
John Shuster / Tyler George / John Landsteiner / Matt Hamilton
-planning a pop-up in Norway’s Olympiatoppen…
apparently I will become one with the snow there
-lots and lots of snow angels with Jessie Diggins and Kikkan Randall


We look forward to seeing you
at the XXIV Olympic Winter Games in Beijing.