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Guest Sommelier,
Katharina Staab
The 2018 Deutsche Weinkönigin aka
The 2018 German Wine Queen
Thursday, July 19th
6:00pm – 10:00pm

Katharina will be charged with pouring four wines* 
as part of her sommelier duties:
Riesling Trocken, Maximin Grünhäuser Abtsberg Alte Reben, von Schubert, 2014, Ruwer
Riesling Trocken, Bopparder Hamm Ohlenberg, Weingart, 2014, Mittelrhein
Riesling Feinherb, Oberemmeler, von Hovel, 2014, Saar
Riesling Kabinett, Niederhäuser Klamm, Jakob Schneider, 2016, Nahe

*the wines will be priced individually or served as a flight (3oz. each X 4 wines = $20.00)

So, just who is this Katharina Staab?

-she hails from the village of Oberhausen, in the Nahe Region
(she is the 9th Queen from the Nahe)
-while born into the wine industry (Weingut Staab), Katharina gravitated to the marketing world to take advantage of work AND travel…
of course, the marketing of German wine is her specialty.
-she is a running fanatic, tackling ½ marathons as if they were a jog around the block
-she used to be a canoe-slalom racer (in the K1W category) 
but retired when her wine glass holder and magnum bottle ice cooler
were judged to give her an unfair advantage
-she is a Taurus and, therefore, determined to make the world a better place for German wine!
-her Beats headphones will primarily be playing the Austrian musician, Parov Stelar
-her favorite movie is The Butterfly Effect (2004, with Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart)…apparently, the character Evan Treborn was able to travel back in time and insure that all citizens of the world viewed German Riesling as the greatest wine on the planet…
we are still waiting to see those effects in real life
-her final question during the Wine Queen Competition regarded “fake wine news.” 
Needless to say, she easily recognized the falsehoods,
especially the hackneyed idea that Riesling is always sweet.
If you are still asking yourself “why should I meet Katharina?” 
here are some helpful thoughts:

If you love German Riesling,
you must meet Katharina.

If you think you might love German Riesling, you absolutely must meet Katharina.
If you are on the fence about German Riesling, 
then beat a path to our front door to meet Katharina.
If you think that German Riesling is mono-dimensional (aka always sweet),
then call out sick from work, have a big lunch, drink lots of coffee,
and pass by Terroir for a conversation with Katharina, 
who will illuminate the multi-dimensional world that is German Riesling.
You do remember Katharina is the German Wine Queen…
not just any queen but THE German Wine Queen.