The World Series 2016
Chicago Cubs* vs. Cleveland Indians

terroir | tribeca

Now that the Chicago Cubs are back in the World Series,
think of all the many things that can become reality…

-Riesling is the favored wine of America

-the United States Women’s Soccer Team wins the World Cup in 2018 in Russia
(I know, I know, this is a tournament for the men but our women’s team just kicks everyone’s arses, all the time!)

-the United States Postal service makes money

-Sonoma Coast becomes the mecca for Pinot Noir lovers,
as the Burgundy region of France uproots all vines in favor of the new cash crop, rhubarb

-the North American Free Trade Agreement allows free movement of all citizens across the Canadian / American / Mexican borders…meaning that I can open up that poutine pop-up joint in Puerto Vallarta

-a Chardonnay produced in Idaho becomes the world’s most sought-after wine,
when Robert Parker gives it a score of 193
(out of 100)

-Amtrak constructs a high speed rail line that can get passengers
from Boston to Washington, D.C. in two hours

-Gonzaga wins the NCAA Division 1 Basketball Tournament

-the Norton grape, grown on Thomas Jefferson’s estate in Virginia, becomes the most valued vine stock on the planet, as it is found to contain properties that guarantee a long life and a life free of hair loss

-ShakeShack creates a moose burger (which is a raging success, of course), causing Prime Minister
Justin Trudeau to protect the ever shrinking herds by isolating them in the backyard of 24 Sussex Drive

-curriculums in high schools across the country are revamped to include studies of food / food history/ a result, all Biology / Chemistry classes have a 10-minute duration

-the federal government institutes a definition of proper leg room on a plane
(meaning that more than the Holy Spirit must fit between my knees and the seat in front of me)

-the President of the United States is a woman

*we love the Cubs AND the Indians but our ultimate allegiance lies in history and 108 years without the big ring somewhat trumps 68 years. So, we wish both teams good luck…and we have bottles of bubbles chilling for a Chicago victory.