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A Salute to the Teachers

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Who Deserves a Glass of Riesling?
Every Teacher in America
Deserves a Glass of Riesling.

Because it is Teacher Appreciation Week,
which really should be Teacher Appreciation Month,
which most definitely needs to be Teacher Appreciation Year.

Because our kids ask so many damn questions.
And I do not have the aptitude or attitude to deal with the word “why”
for one more moment.The response “because I said so” should be inscribed
on their bed frame so they can ruminate on that while they sleep at night,
as I enjoy my fifth first glass of wine of the day.
Can they please return to a proper classroom yesterday?! 

Because your world has been turned on its proverbial arse the past two months:
You Now Teach, not from the comfortable front of your classroom, but from your comfortable living room, where every student gets to view your personal library.
You Now Teach, not looking into the beautiful eyes of your students, but staring at a screen with 35 sets of eyes staring into some unknown abyss…or hidden video game.
You Now Teach, not using all the tools available in your classroom,
but utilizing technology that you are still trying to master yourself.
You Now Teach, not away from your own families and responsibilities,
but with them very much front and center and pulling you in all manner of directions.
Because you interact with our kids as if they were your own…
which is glorious and shocking.
And they look up to you in ways that we can only dream about.
You inspire them, you fill their imaginations with wonder,
you load their brains with a metric tonne of awesome stuff.
So far, the only thing I have taught them to do is use a rotary saw.

Because for all the years of education +++ you have undertaken
just to become a teacher, your compensation is sorely lacking
(the average teacher salary in the U.S. is $60,477.00, with starting salaries below $40,000.00).
Many of you have a second job to make ends meet.
And many of you spend your own dollars just to ensure the classroom and the students have all the materials they need to learn.

Because you are prepping America’s future and damn,
we desperately need that future now.