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Deb Haaland Deserves a Glass of Riesling

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Who Must We Toast with a Mighty Glass of Riesling?
Debra Anne Haaland Must be Toasted 

with a Mighty Glass of Riesling.

Because, Debra, if confirmed, will be the first Native American 

to run the Department of the Interior.
Because, Debra will end a 245-year run of non-Native individuals, 

primarily men, overseeing American Indian affairs.
Because, Debra aka Crushed Turquoise 
(a translation from the Keresan)
is a member of Laguna Pueblo and the people of Laguna Pueblo have been 
on this parcel of land in present day America since roughly 6500BCE.
Because, Debra herself is a 35th generation New Mexican…if my rough math is correct, that means she can trace her family back to the 13th century 

(a comparison could be Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who is first generation Canadian)
Which means that her family has walked upon these shores 
before George Washington’s family arrived on these shores. 
Which means that she was in America before America was even known as America. Which means that when she wears her traditional jewelry in Washington, DC., 
we should know what tribe she is a member of AND, 
when she put puts her Pendleton blanket over a chair, don’t sit in that chair…
it is Deb’s chair! 
(we need to become accustomed to her customs…she was here first after all).