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Earth Day 2020*

The Top 10 Reasons for Loving Mother Earth:

10. it is 4.54 billion years old…and it is still vital and ever changing
9. spherical shapes are just sexy
8. it supports roughly 8.7 million species
(6.5 million on land and 2.2 million in the water)
and Homo Sapiens are just one of those
7. it photographs well, from a distance AND up close
6. the rotation never stops but I am always stuck in the same place…
mind blown!
5. it was created by a massive explosion…or God…both are cool
4. it is the center of the universe,
with all due respect to those admirers of Copernicus and Galileo
3. Mother Earth allows me to be me…mom and dad are not happy about that
2. the Riesling grape thrives on this terra firma
1. it is the only home we have and we are truly all in it together

*Now, some truthful facts:
-Earth Day 1970 was the result of much heavy lifting by Wisconsin Senator, Gaylord Nelson.
He was motivated by the overwhelming destruction
of a massive oil spill, off the coast of Santa Barbara, California in 1969.
-the country itself had been awakened to the plight of the Earth in 1962,
through the publication of Silent Spring, by Rachel Carson.
The book documented the connection of the environment and living organisms
and how pollution was destroying both.
-despite what some believe, the choice of April 22nd for the celebration was not meant to be a shrouded honor of the birth day of Jack Nicholson or Immanuel Kant or Vladimir Lenin.