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John Kerry Deserves a Glass of Riesling

John Kerry wearing a suit and tieWho Absolutely Needs a Glass of Riesling?
John Forbes Kerry Absolutely Needs a Glass of Riesling.

Because, John, you served bravely for your country, in Vietnam,
and you know first-hand what alternative facts / denialism can do to one’s world.
Because, John, you are a man of Christian faith 

and still see more of the similarities voiced 
in the Torah, the Quran, the Bible than the differences.
Because, John, you can use facts AND faith to spread the gospel 

of the effects of climate change and how we counter them.
Because, John, our kids and our kids’ kids and our kids’ kids’ kids 

would love to visit Glacier National Park in Montana 
and see some actual glaciers 
(presently, there are roughly 25 remaining out of a total of 150 that existed in 1850CE)
I am already having nightmares about replicating the Griswold’s trip 
to Walley World when the family finally ventures westward in 2025.
Because, John, the fact that grapes are being grown / wine being made 

in Sweden is not making any wine drinker happy 
(with all due respect to the hybrid varietals, solaris and rondo).
Because, John, a glass of Riesling will only increase your fortitude 

as you bring our country back into the Paris Climate Agreement…
and don’t just “raise ambition”…effect real and long lasting change.