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Linda Thomas-Greenfield Deserves a Glass of Riesling

Linda Thomas-Greenfield wearing glasses and smiling at the camera

Who Deserves a Glass of Riesling?
Linda Thomas-Greenfield Deserves 

a Glass of Riesling.

Because, Linda illuminates the simple concept that…

experience matters.
Because, Linda manifests the simple concept that…

intelligence matters.
Because, Linda embodies the simple concept that…

America can lead AND lend a helping hand…
that “compassion and kindness truly make the world a better place”…
apparently, her official name for this mindset toward the world stage 
is “gumbo diplomacy.”
Because, Linda is the big bucket of water that extinguishes* 

the actual gaslighting of the State Department / the United Nations / 
the W.H.O. / the Human Rights Council +++ 
that occurred over the past four years.
 *okay, okay, I know that water does not extinguish a gas fire…
we need a carbon dioxide extinguisher to do that…
a bucket of H20 just seemed more visceral…and I actually know how a bucket of water works.