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Our Health Care Super Heroes

a group of people posing for the camera

Who Deserves a Glass of Riesling?
Every Single Health Care Professional on the Planet
Deserves a Glass of Riesling.

Because these doctors / registered nurses / nurse practitioners / anesthesiologists / pulmonologists / respiratory therapists / social workers / admissions clerks /
patient services technicians / hospital custodians / clinicians +++
are on the front lines of COVID19…their places of work are actually petri dishes…
the bunker at terroir may not be home but we are very much safe and secure
AND staying in the bunker!

Because they are our modern day super heroes…our Super Friends…
who, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, battle this virus,
putting themselves in harm’s way, with each and every interaction.

Because they go into battle without all the battle gear they need.
Can we please get them more
N95 masks / goggles / face shields / protective gowns / gloves / disinfectant wipes ASAP! 

Because when their daily battle is complete,
they really cannot go home, for fear of infecting their families…
not only is there insane anxiety in the work place
but there is increased anxiety in their homestead…
it is a wonder they get a moments sleep or peace. 

Because the night is getting darker and is chock full of terrors.
So, to help our Super Hero Health Care Providers
Always wash your hands with soap and water.
Always never touch your face with unwashed hands.
Always cough / sneeze into your elbow.
Always clean surfaces that others have touched.
Always be social distancing, even from loved ones.
Always stay home.