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Terroir Salutes Grocery and Delivery Workers

Mike Sekowsky, Mike Sekowsky are posing for a picture

Who Deserves a Glass of Riesling?
Every Single Grocery Store & Food Delivery Worker
on the Planet Deserves a Glass of Riesling.

Because every employee of Safeway / Dierbergs / Publix / Bashas’ / Fairway /
Piggly Wiggly / King Kullen +++ is absolutely essential in insuring
that the rest of us can have food on our tables every day.

Because every contract worker for DoorDash / GrubHub / Uber Eats /
Deliveroo / Postmates / Instacart  +++ is absolutely essential in insuring
 that we do not leave our homes yet still are able to nourish our bellies. 

Because the grocery store workers are now working super long shifts,
with extra workloads, with minimal protective gear, for a national average of $9.94 an hour. 

Because the food delivery folks are generally contractors and not employees,
denying them any benefits and hoisting upon themselves all the costs of doing business.

Because they are our modern day super heroes…our Super Friends
who 24 hours a day / 7 days a week,
are putting themselves in the line of sight of COVID19, with each and every interaction. 

Because the night is really damn dark and is now overwhelmed with terrors.
So, to help our
Super Hero Grocery Store & Food Delivery Workers
Always wash your hands with soap and water.
Always never touch your face with unwashed hands.
Always cough / sneeze into your elbow.
Always clean surfaces that others have touched.
Always be social distancing, even from loved ones.
Always stay home.