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We, the People, Need a Glass of Riesling

a close up of a sign

Who Needs a Glass of Riesling?
We, the People, of these United States of America, 

Need a Glass of Riesling.

Because, in our effort to form a more perfect Union
we need to become better conversationalists…
and to be a better conversationalist, one needs to be a better listener.
Because, in our effort to establish Justice, justice itself must be colorblind.
Because, in our effort to insure domestic Tranquility

facts must be facts (we are cool with the Merriam-Webster definition)
the only alternative fact is that Riesling is always sweet.
Because, in our effort to provide for our common Defence

maybe we should be a little more Neo and a lot less John Wick…
si vis pacem, para bellum was fine for the Romans…we can do better.
Because, in our effort to promote our general Welfare

we must ensure that all of us have access to prosperity…
and, yes, that includes universal health insurance, 
a damn good education with properly compensated teachers, 
access to wifi in all parts of this great land, 
a not-under-my-thumb USPS, and a healthy and vibrant planet.
Because, in our effort to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity

we must recognize our work to secure this liberty for all is never complete