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The Loire Valley: the wine garden of the world

24 Harrison Street, New York, NY 10013

It is not often that we believe we could spend the remainder of our days 
only enjoying wines from a singular region in the almighty wine country of France. 
The Loire Valley, however, is definitely that singular place that could satiate your thirst 
and wine intellectual pursuits for an infinite number of days.
Simply put, it does it all:
Sparkling / White / Rose / Red / Sweet / Easy-Drinking / Long-Lived / etc. / etc.
From the eastern frontier of Sancerre & Pouilly-Fume 
(all Sauvignon Blanc, all the time),
to the central communes of Vouvray and Bourgueil 
(chenin blanc and cabernet franc),
to the westerly zones of Savennieres and Saumur 
(more chenin blanc and cabernet franc),
to the Atlantic coastal region of Muscadet 
(melon de bourgogne and oysters...oh my!!!).
Not only is there a plethora of wine appellations to venture to, 

there is a boatload of conversations to be had...
about the present and future of French wine in general, 
from agricultural practices deep dives to natural wine tete-a-tetes +++.
Suffice it to say, this one wine night might actually be too much to handle.
But we are going to try!

The specifics:
-it will be a walk-around tasting, with at least 25 different Loire Valley wines 

-there will be foodstuffs, all very frenchy, all very fun
-we will hopefully have a guest speaker, to discuss the French monarchy or French cinema or...

We very much look forward to celebrating 
this majestic wine region with you.

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