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the Summer of Riesling Prom...yes, a PROM!!!
the Summer of Riesling Prom...yes, a PROM!!!

the Summer of Riesling Prom...yes, a PROM!!!

52 Walker Street, Floor 3, New York, NY 10013

The Summer of Riesling Prom 2022!
This is insane...we are actually hosting a prom!
It is a 25-year fever dream come to life...
to finally have the prom we always wanted to have...yes, one with Riesling!
Because Riesling deserves it.
And Riesling wants to dance / dress up / party with you.
Date: Saturday, September 17th, 2022
Time: 7:30pm - 11:00pm
Venue: AG Studios, located at 52 Walker Street, in Tribeca
What actually is happening: truly, our gathering 
will have all the elements of a prom...
but with Riesling and yummy foodstuffs and a kick-arse band.

Might there be music and dancing: ABSOLUTELY! 
          -WHITE WEDDING
, an 80's tribute band, will be performing

Is there Riesling to enjoy: oh my, there will be a bandstand full of Riesling, 
at least 15 different wines, from all over the Riesling world
How many folks will be present: 250 guests, plus Tira, the MC
Food: absolutely! Chef Bryce will be presenting tasty nibbles 
to accompany the wines 
and the celebratory nature of the evening

Dresscode: well, it is a prom, which implies a degree of formality...
how formal you go is up to you. 
And...the choice of a corsage or boutonniere is also up to you.

Prom Queen & King: oh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, we will have an election
Decorations: we plan to be blowing up balloons and 
painting signs all week in preparation
We very much look forward to seeing you and 
celebrating the Summer of Riesling 2022.


Event Over