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Hours & Location

24 Harrison St,
New York, NY 10013

(212) 625-9463

Terroir, the physical joint, is very much open 7 DAYS A WEEK!
The doors swing open at 4:00pm, because we are always thirsty.
Our Chef is Bryce Sorem...he might be the nicest dude on the planet.
Our Sous-Chef is Cheikh Thiaw...he is a fan of Chelsea F.C...'nough said.
Our FoH Team (Clyve / Jamba / John / Paula / Kyle / Abigail / Mack / Jocelyn / Sophie)
& BoH Team (Matias / Erik / Reni / Rainier / Jazmin / Luis)
...well, damn, we are most honoured to all be working together.
Our outdoor dining area, named Galileo (because I tend to always be dropping the spheres there), is gorgeous.
Our indoor dining area, yet to be named (because I need another cup of coffee), is glorious.
The soundtrack will most likely be '80s British new wave (what can I say...I am still Bono-aspirational).
There might be a footie match on the big screen (chances are, though, it will be The Sound of Music)
We do relish food and wine and beer and spirits...and we have all of them.
You will hopefully love our selections...if you don't, we are cool with that...
diversity is the secret sauce of the Terroir world and 
we do our best to sprinkle unicorn tears and delicatus dust on all that we do.
Of course, we are super stoked to welcome you into Terroir.

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