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Hours & Location

24 Harrison St,
New York, NY 10013

(212) 625-9463

Terroir, the physical joint, is very much open 7 DAYS A WEEK!
The doors swing open at 4:00pm, because we are always thirsty.
Our Chef is Bryce Sorem...he might be the nicest dude on the planet.
Our Sous-Chef is Cheikh Thiaw...he is a fan of Chelsea F.C...'nough said.
Our GM is Jesse Alston...she simply exudes hospitality.
Our FoH & BoH staff...well, damn, we are most honoured by our team.
Our outdoor dining area, named Galileo 
(because I tend to always be dropping the spheres there), is gorgeous.
Our indoor dining area, yet to be named 
(because I need another cup of coffee), is glorious.
The soundtrack will most likely be '80s British new wave 
(what can I say...I am still Bono-aspirational).
There might be a footie match on the big screen 
(chances are, though, it will be The Sound of Music).
We are super stoked to welcome you into Terroir.

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