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Summer of Riesling...a Conversation with Terry Theise

For many in the modern wine trade in the United States, 
our professor of German Riesling (and Austrian wine and grower Champagne) 
was Terry Theise. While his wine journey has been multifaceted, 
it is as a preacher of the German Riesling gospel that brought 
many of us into Terry's orbit. And not only did Terry preach, 
but he brought a myriad of wines to our American tables. 
And he wrote about these wines in his annual catalogues in a manner 
that expanded all of our vocabularies. In essence, we became disciples 
of the Terry Theise Wine Bible. Of late, Terry has focused more 
on the writing part of things and that is where we will concentrate 
our efforts this evening. Specifically, we will analyze the words we use to describe wine in general and Riesling especially. Maybe, just maybe, 
how we have been talking about wine has not done justice 
to what is actually in the glass and, more importantly, 
has intimidated the almighty consumer. 
Wine Suggestion: well, to be honest, please bring any Riesling 
that floats your boat to the conversation 
(if you can locate one 
with Terry Theise Selections on the back label, that would be even better!).
Instructors: Terry Theise 
(the professor emeritus) 
& Paul Grieco of Terroir 
(the student)

Event Over