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Cork Dork’s Bianca Bosker...a deep dive into her awesome mind.

Bianca Bosker has written the best wine book, in the past decade, 
for consumers / aspiring wine people. PERIOD.
And the Terroir world was honoured to have her as a member 
of the family for a smidgen of time...and that experience 
helped or hindered Bianca on her journey to becoming a Cork Dork
To have her back in the fold is an awesome thing. 

Class #2* will focus on what wine to actually enjoy / savor 
after you have become a Master of...okay, okay, we are not saying 
that Bianca is a Master Sommelier. What we are saying is that Bianca 
journeyed from absolute neophyte to Certified Sommelier in 12 months. 
Part of that journey was learning how to taste. 
Now comes the fun part of deciding what to drink!
*this is the second class of a 2-part series and can certainly be viewed as a stand-alone conversation. 
The 1st foray involved tasting wines blind 
and Bianca's initial journey.
Wine Suggestion: anything that makes you think and ponder and dream
 Bianca Bosker 
(the master blaster) 
& Paul Grieco of Terroir 
(the aspirant)

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