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A Malbec Deep Dive with Sebastian Zuccardi

Sebastián Zuccardi is the 3rd generation of his family to be a wine grower 
in the Mendoza region of Argentina. 
And to that familial conversation, Sebastián is bringing:
(a youthful energy to deep dive into the sub zones and micro terroirs of Mendoza) 
(the chutzpah to craft a wine style less beholden to overt fruit and overtly expressive of Mother Earth) 
ACIDITY (his wines course through the body as if they possess electricity)
If you think you know what Malbec tastes like, please firmly attach your seat belt 

and get ready for the journey of your life.
Wine Suggestion: well, we simply must enjoy a Zuccardi Malbec!
And it will be the Poligonos Tupungato 2015 (this will taste unlike any Malbec 
you have ever encountered...because it is all about terroir and, lordy, 
what terroir Mendoza possesses).
Here is the LINK to purchase this incredible wine 
from our friends at Lifetime Vintage.
The price is $32.00 + tax + shipping.
Instructor: Sebastian Zuccardi 
(the master blaster) 
and Paul Grieco of Terroir (an aspirant)

**All Zoom information will be provided via email the morning of the class.**

P.S. If you are asking yourself “how will these Malbecs change my life?” here are some interesting thoughts:
MALBEC is the immigrant story…the journey of a once important 
then mainly forgotten grape to the New World, where it takes a generation or three to establish itself, 

gain local currency, and then re-announce itself to the world at large (and show its original homeland its true glory).
MALBEC, the grape, did not occupy a place in our vinous minds 30 years ago. 
But now, the grape is producing one of the most requested wines in all / any of our wine joints.
MALBEC, as seen through the lens of Sebastián Zuccardi, is not the Argentinian Malbec that you are expecting. 
He is exploring super high altitude vineyards, with maximum sunlight and maximum temperature swings 

between day and night, producing grapes bursting with energy. 
In the winery, it is all indigenous yeast and concrete vats 
(no oak / no highfalutin equipment)
Simply put, Sebastián is the Oberyn Martell of Argentina, bringing clarity and vim to this Jaqen H’ghar of grapes. 

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