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Greece: let's get philosophical

Terroir, 24 Harrison Street, New York, NY 10013

I know, I know, the Romans did everything (at least back in the time of the Empire).

Greece is truly the cradle of wine AND civilization
The Greeks thought about everything. The Greeks discussed everything.
The Greeks created a lot of damn things. The Greeks put into practice most things.
The Greeks were also avid consumers of wine, which helped with ALL of the above.
Please join us as we celebrate the absolute wine bounty of this incredible land,
from its over 200 indigenous grapes to its multifaceted wine regions.
It is truly an exciting time to be a wine fan.
And Greece is one of the most exciting wine places on the planet.
We look forward to imbibbing with you. 
The specifics:
-it will be a walk-around tasting, with 25 different Greek wines 

-there will be foodstuffs, from taramasalata to kolokithokeftedes
-we will hopefully have a speaker or two, to philosophize about the culture and history of this grand country

All guests will need to show proof of vaccination to enter tasting

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