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Maison Noir with Wine Master Blaster André Mack

André Hueston Mack is a creative master blaster. 
He is the winemaker / owner of Maison Noir Wines. 
He is the driving force behind Get Fraîche Cru, a graphic design firm. 
He is the author of 99 Bottles, A Black Sheep's Guide to Life-Changing Wines
He is the designer of wine-fixated t-shirts that make us all smile. 
He is the creator of Small Thyme Cooks, a food world coloring book.
He is a former sommelier at some of America's top restaurants. 
He is a self-proclaimed Black Sheep. 
Most importantly, André is injecting a much-needed dose of fun 
into our often too conservative wine world. 
Simply put, we love André.
Wine Suggestion: well, we did have André craft a special 3-pack 
of grape juice for us but with the class later today, it will be impossible 
to have it arrive on time. So, please grab a bottle or 2 of wine 
that rocks your world and learn from the master of all his domains.
Instructor: André Mack 
(the master blaster) 
and Paul Grieco of Terroir (an aspirant)

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