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Scary Monsters ALSO Enjoy Wine...aka, is Godzilla a lover of Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling?!

Yes, people of America and Canada and parts beyond, 
we are celebrating our favorite monsters and villains and creatures of the night 
on this pre-Halloween wine adventure. 
Because we know that you have always wondered:

What bottle of wine does Dracula pull from his deep, dark cellar 
after a night of ravaging local villages, before he must lay his head down on his comfy pillow? 
Was it actually Gallo Hearty Burgundy that rained down upon Carrie White 
during the ill-fated high school prom?
What would tickle the intellect of Dr. Frankenstein after one has become godlike 
and given life to an un-godlike creature?
Might Godzilla be a natural wine does battle against man's inhumanity to nature?
Will Samara Morgan bring a bottle of 1970 Barolo the next time she crawls out of my TV...please?
Tonight, we will dig deep into our psyches and hopefully 
enjoy some fun wines...unless, of course, we hear mysterious footsteps 
behind us and a haunting wind starts blowing across the couch.
Wine Suggestion: well, uhmmmmmm, I would suggest a scary wine!
Simply put, what wine have you been afraid to amber wine / a California wine / 
a Riesling / a hybrid varietal from Niagara-on-the-Lake / an English sparkling wine??? 
Bring along anything that takes you out of your comfort zone. 
Go to a local retailer, tell them what you really enjoy 
and then instruct them to select the exact opposite. 
Think of this as a night of Trick or Treat...and you don't know what you are getting 
until you get home and dump the jack 'o lantern full of vinous candy on the floor. Just saying.
Instructors: Steven Solomon 
(the Sticker Meister and Comic Book savant) 
and Paul Grieco of Terroir 

**All Zoom information will be provided via email the morning of the class.**

Event Over