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the BIGGEST tasting of Riesling...ever...we think

24 Harrison Street, New York, NY 10013

The Summer of Riesling 2022 begins on this very day, June 21st.
If you love Riesling, this celebration is for you.
If you have heard the rumors of the glory of Riesling from your mates, 

then this tasting is certainly for you as the wonderment of the grape / wine will be on full display.
If the idea of Riesling scares you, then this tasting is most definitely the place to be, 

as we will guide you gently through the entirety of the awesome galaxy that is the Riesling world.
And just to address the 900 pound grape in the room...
Riesling is ALWAYS dry...

Except when it isn't. And in those moments, the key descriptor is balance 
(and not a singular idea of acid or sugar or ????).
On this night, we will explore the world of Riesling, venturing to almost all 

the Riesling locales on the planet (from Germany, the birthplace of the grape, 
to Austria, Alsace, NY State, Washington, California, Canada, Australia +++).

The celebration will be broadcast in full technicolor.
And we will welcome Riesling dignitaries from around the world 
(okay, that would be my Mom).
My god, I am so excited at the thought of this tasting that I might just have to get 

a new summer suit for the celebration.
The specifics:
-it will be a walk-around tasting, with at least 30 different wines 

-there will be foodstuffs, all perfectly matched with Riesling...which means we can do anything we like
-there may / may not be an august speaker to discuss the glories of this grape

We very much look forward to celebrating the
Summer of Riesling 2022 with you.

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