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Terroir Visits Australia
Terroir Visits Australia
Terroir Visits Australia

Terroir Visits Australia

24 Harrison Street, New York, NY 10013

Ohhhhhh, People of America, how we like to wine generalize.
And there is no wine country more wine generalized about than Australia.
And we start singing the praises of the 65 vitally different wine regions,
and their vitally different expressions of all the wine grapes we know and love.
Simply put, the wine glory of Australia 
is no different than France or Spain or California...
-Australia possesses compelling terroirs
-Australia possesses fanatical wine growers
-Australia possesses many an old vine vineyard 
(truth be told, more vieilles vignes than France!!!)
-Australia possesses myriad wine least 75!!!!
-Australia possesses a spirit of wine fun and frolic that is envied in the new world
On this night, we will be the Aussie wine prophets spreading a new gospel of Bacchus.
The specifics:
-it will be a walk-around tasting, with at least 30 different Aussie wines 

     -our deep dives will include producer Ochota Barrels / the almighty Shiraz grape / Riesling +++
-there will be Aussie foodstuffs...we are scouring Outback Steakhouse menus for ideas presently
-we will hopefully have a guest speaker, to discuss all things Aussie.

We very much look forward to celebrating 
this majestic wine country with you.

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