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The United States of Red, White, and Blue Wines

We are absolutely in love with these United States of Wine
And we are super motivated by the fact that all 50 States are wine producing States. 
And while the United States of Wine might not view itself as a wine-centric country, 
we know otherwise. Tonight, we will dig deep into the story of wine in our fair land 
and celebrate all that we do wine-wise.
Wine Suggestion: we must ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY have an American wine tonight. 
Whatever wine state of our magnificent union rocks your world, 
that is where you should go for our wine journey. And don't just do the usual...
push yourself to find a new grape, making a different wine, that might never, normally, 
find its way onto your table.
Some suggestions:
North Carolina for a Norton.
Rhode Island for a Vidal Blanc.
Pennsylvania for a Chambourcin.
Michigan for a Riesling.
Arizona for a Tempranillo.
Texas for a Roussanne.
Georgia for a Scuppernong.
Paul Grieco of Terroir

**All Zoom information will be provided via email the morning of the class.**

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