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Thanksgiving Celebration Wine Kit VOLUME II...this will challenge AND delight everyone at the table


It is truly the greatest American celebration of all...because it centers around the family AND food and drink. Of course, the celebration will be different this year as we are all not able to be physically present. Nevertheless, the focus on the foodstuffs and the wines can still bring joy.
Our VOLUME II wine kit includes wines that will be the topic of many a conversation, as we are very much pushing some gustatory envelopes.
Are the wines yummy?...damn straight they are!
Are the wines going to work with the food on the Thanksgiving table?...oh my, you will be writing epic poems about some of these matches.
What ultimately brings these bottles together is that they are generally not our first thoughts, wine-wise, for this celebratory table. But, with a glass of these wines in one hand and a turkey leg in the other, your mind will be blown. And that quizzical look on your family's face at the beginning of the meal will become a hearty toast at the completion of the meal. We have included some serving ideas just to get some conversations going.
The Thanksgiving Celebration Wine Kit VOLUME II includes one bottle of each of the following wines:
-de la Riva Manzanilla, Miraflores, NV, Spain 
(yes, I know, is like grandma is present and it is 1971 all over again. Most importantly, your day must begin with this as it will ease any psychic pain of prepping this meal)
-Meulenhof Riesling Spatlese, Erdener Pralat, 2016, Germany 
(Riesling is, of course, not always dry. And when it does possess some residual sugar, it takes your palate and the foodstuff and elevate everything to a high plain. Simply put, this is THE turkey wine. PERIOD)
-Rousset-Martin Cotes du Jura, La Chaux Sous Voile, 2013, France 
(this is the wine that might drive the room to verbal, vinous oxidized chardonnay...on Thanksgiving?! This is THE turkey wine. PERIOD. You will thank me later)
-Ferraris Ruche, Opera Prima, 2016, Italy 
(an indigenous Piemontese grape, crafted in an old school manner, bring the darkness AND the brightness to the table. AND, it will make the stuffing taste better than ever!)
-Bonny Doon Le Cigare Volant, 2013, California 
(can this Randall Grahm creation finally be declared America's greatest wine is the perfect iteration of grape and location and wine making mastery)
-Lucano Amaro, NV, Italy 
(not required drinking but after many hours at the table, your body and soul will very much appreciate a true digestif)
Only 8 Thanksgiving VOLUME II kits will be available.
Pick up will be available at our shop at 24 Harrison Street on November 23rd and 24th, between 2:00pm - 6:00pm.
Delivery can be arranged, for NYC residents only.

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