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Terroir Private Wine Classes

We would absolutely love to fulfill all of your personal/professional wine desires, virtually at least...

    How can I celebrate a birthday, with mates, during Covid19: a Terroir Virtual Tasting will bring everyone together.

    How can I entertain business colleagues during Covid19: a Terroir Virtual Tasting will pull everyone out of their Zoom haze.

    I just finished binge-watching Peaky what: a Terroir Virtual Tasting will lead you to new, obsessive pastures.

How we present the classes:

- hosted by the General AND Manager of Terroir, Paul Grieco

- session lasts for 60 minutes / 90 minutes

- presented on Zoom

- classes accommodate up to 100 guests

- cost is $500 (+ tax & gratuity) per session

- send an email to Nicole Castro Garro at 

to start brainstorming...she will help craft the perfect wine journey for you and your mates.

Class Ideas / Options*:

We can craft a topic specific to your interests/desires OR you can select from the ever-expanding list of ideas below:

*The goal of the class is to learn about a new topic AND have a lot of fun engaging with that topic.

Wine 101: a masterclass in how to communicate with wine.

Old World vs. New World: a view of the wine world as seen through its European birthplace and the new lands where it is thriving.

Terroir: its rough translation is somewhereness but what exactly does this wine concept mean and how can it change your life?

Italy: as seen through the lens of Tuscany, the perfect place for food, art, AND wine

Riesling: the grape you know you want to love because you really relish the multiplicity of styles...aka, Riesling is a dry wine!

Chile: an exploration into a land going through a wine revolution AND it might just be the most perfect place to make wine on the planet.

Wine with Bubbles: it is a world of sparkling wine...Champagne, Prosecco, Cava, +++...and we must explore all of it!

Austria: the relatively new wine land that is over 2000 years old, crafting super yummy and diverse wines.

Burgundy: it is all about Pinot Noir & Chardonnay and history and pedigree AND so much more. 

Wine Options:

We are proud to be partnering with Lifetime Vintage to help meet your wine needs at this time.

Lifetime Vintage ships to 44 states, making it seamless to coordinate an event 

where everyone can participate - regardless of location.

Just provide us with a budget, and we will work with the LV team's inventory to select 

the most appropriate wines for your chosen class topic.

Please note that we do recommend a 2 week lead time to allow for proper shipping.

Should you prefer more flexibility, we also offer a BYO option for our classes.

Paul Grieco will provide general guidelines appropriate for the specific session, allowing individual guests 

to go out and hunt for their favorite wine(s) that meets those requirements.

This route is for those who want to give their guests more freedom based on location/availability/personal budget.