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Terroir Virtual Private Events

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We would absolutely love to fulfill all of your personal and professional wine desires. 
The new year is here and my family is still spread across this glorious country of ours... 
can you help bring us together? 
a Terroir Virtual Tasting will erase any sense of separation and provide good fun 
and elevate your perception of all the family members.
How can I entertain business colleagues and meet new co-workers when I cannot interact with them face-to-face? 
a Terroir Virtual Tasting will pull everyone out of their Zoom haze and encourage interaction and conviviality.
I just finished binge-watching "Lupin - Season I" what? 
a Terroir Virtual Tasting will lead you to new, obsessive pastures...and maybe, just maybe, you will become a wine prodigy. 

All the important info about the classes:
- hosted by the General AND Manager of Terroir, Paul Grieco, and members of the Terroir team
- session lasts for 60 minutes 
(we allow 10 minutes of wiggle room afterwards to regroup, review, refresh)
- presented on Zoom 
(the greatest creation since the remote channel changer)
- classes accommodate up to 500 guests
                -$500.00 for up to 50 guests + Administrative Fee and Optional Gratuity
                -$1000.00 for 51 - 99 guests + Administrative Fee and Optional Gratuity 

                -$1500.00 for 100 - 500 guests Administrative Fee and Optional Gratuity  
                -$150.00 for an additional half hour

Just send an email to Emily Ann Wagener at or click below to send an inquiry to start brainstorming... She will help craft the perfect wine journey for you and your family, friends, co-workers.

Inquire Here

Class Ideas / Options:
WINE 101: a masterclass in how to truly enjoy the greatest beverage on the planet.
OLD WORLD vs. NEW WORLD: a view of the wine world as seen through its European birthplace 
(the Old World) and the rest of the planet (the New World).
IT'S THE NEW YEAR...WHAT ARE THE HOTTEST WINE AREAS FOR 2021?...yes, there are even trends in the wine world.

THE BREAKFAST CLUB: yes, the movie of the 1980s introduced us to five iconic characters (and traits)…what would happen if we applied those characters (and traits) to wines?
ITALY: as seen through the lens of Sicily, the perfect place for food, history, AND wine.
TERROIR: its rough translation is “somewhereness” but what exactly does this wine concept mean and how can it change your life?
CHILE: an exploration into a land going through a wine revolution…and that revolution might just make it the most perfect place to make wine on the planet.
SPAIN: as seen through the lens of Rioja, a pretty damn great place for classic, old school wines…it is the Bordeaux of Spain after all.
MADEIRA: this is America’s wine…Jefferson relished it, Washington savored it, and Ross crafted kick-arse flags with a mug of it by her side.
WINE WITH BUBBLES: it is a world of sparkling wine...Champagne + Prosecco + Cava + Sekt ++...and we must explore all of it!
GREECE: the land of gods AND wines…oh Dionysus, what wines did these gods enjoy?!
AUSTRIA: the relatively new wine land that is over 2000 years old, crafting super yummy and diverse wines.
BORDEAUX: it is the largest fine wine growing area on the planet and for the last 200 odd years, Bordeaux wines have been regarded as the greatest expression of the art of wine.
DEALERS CHOICE: you spin the wheel and you decide the topic 
(PLEASE NOTE: since this could be about almost anything, we maintain the prerogative to help edit and refine your wine desires…just saying. We may also have to alter pricing, depending how far into a rabbit hole we must go).

Wine Options: 
If you guests are in NYC, wines for the tasting can potentially be purchased through Terroir
          2 bottles* = $95 per person / household + NYS sales tax and delivery
          3 bottles* = $130 per person / household + NYS sales tax and delivery
                          *each of these wine packs will include a super small cheese selection because we LOVE cheese
If your guests are in NYC and beyond, we are proud to be partnering with Lifetime Vintage 
to help meet your wine needs. Lifetime Vintage ships to 44 states, making it seamless 
to coordinate an event where everyone can participate, regardless of location. 
Please note that we do recommend a 2 week lead time to allow for proper shipping.
If you prefer more flexibility, we also offer a BYO option for our classes. Paul Grieco will provide 
general wine suggestions, allowing individual guests to go out and hunt for their favorite wine(s). 
This route is for those who want to give their guests more freedom based on location / availability / budget.

Fun Add-ons: 
Cheese   = $48 per person / household + NYS sales tax and delivery
 -includes a selection of 3 cheese (1/2 pound each) + yummy crackers

Chocolate: not yet available
Charcuterie & Smoked Meats & Terrines
not yet available
Smoked Fishes: not yet available 
Wine Books: we have a bunch available at Terroir that can be a foundational part of your new wine library
          -this includes everything from The World Atlas of Wine to The Sommeliers' Atlas of Taste to Godforsaken Grapes
Sticker & Tattoo Pack ($10): oh ya, we were crazy enough to make these things
Terroir T-Shirts ($20): my Mom recommends I wear one of these every day