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Accommodations up to 14 guests for a structured, seated event.*
All foods served family-style. 

Strap on a seatbelt and allow our team to take you on a terroir journey. We will do what we do best - customize your wine tasting menus and give you a chance to simply enjoy (and by that we mean to rock your world through the power of grape juice and good eats).

Each wine can be accompanied by a brief discussion/introduction
A terroir staff member can guide your crew through each element of the evening for a $75.00 fee
You can have the totally righteous experience of a Paul Grieco-led tasting for a $250.00 fee

Wine Options (choose one):

Flight of 5 Wines              $50 per person
(3oz of each wine + reception aperitif)

Flight of 6 Wines              $62 per person
(3oz of each wine + reception aperitif)

Flight of 8 Wines              $68 per person
(2oz of each wine + reception aperitif)

Food Options (optional - choose one):

Snacks                $20 per person
chips / popcorn / 2 bruschetta / 2 small plates

Cheese and Wine Pairing     priced per person
1 oz of Murray’s cheese paired with each glass of grape juice
(5 cheeses for $28, 6 cheeses for $33, 8 cheeses for $42)

Customized 4-Course Wine Pairing Dinners available upon request. 

Supplemental Food Options:

East Coast Oysters: $24.00 per dozen, served with 3 accouterment
Cheese and Charcuterie: $40.00 per person
Dessert: $5.00 per person

Full Beverage Options:

Terroir’s bar is fully stocked with all manner of wine / beer / spirits.
Please inquire about alternative beverage tasting experiences.

*Larger groups can be booked in the main dining room.
Pricing available upon request.

Wine Tasting Information PDF

Contact us to start brainstorming…

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